Julia Hofman, LMHC

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou

About Me

My goal is to create a space for you to bring yourself and be heard. We can enter this space together and create something new. A different way of seeing, a different path in a stuck area of life or an expanded understanding and grace for yourself. Bring yourself, wherever you are at in life, with your strengths, stress, and struggles. 

We will look at where you are at in life and how you came to be there. I look at the story of your life and how that affects who you are today. That includes how you present in social dynamics and in relationships. I tend to work towards the general goal of my clients being able to function better so that they can go out and do life. That process and individual goals will look different for each client. 

A good therapist-client connection is the foundation of Relational Narrative, Psycho-Dynamic therapy. My role is to be present with you and to hold space so that together we can find each next step in your ongoing journey. I admit that I enjoy my work and I see counseling as a calling on my life. Listening to others about their life and their struggles is inherent to my way of being in the world. I also enjoy seeing the progress my clients often have as a result of relational therapy and Lifespan Integration. 

I employ a variety of therapeutic techniques as we discover what best suits you. I work well with creative people in that I translate between artistic and linear ways of thinking. I am trained in Lifespan Integration, which is a therapy for clearing the effects of trauma. I offer individual therapy for adolescents and adults, 14+.

I offer 15 minute consultation calls for free. Feel free to email me to set up a time to discuss your needs in therapy. Simply click the information symbol on the bottom left and then “contact”.



I received training in Relational Psychodynamic Narrative Therapy through the master’s program at The Seattle School with a focus on trauma-informed care. My internship  at Compass Health had me seeing a caseload of clients in a variety of ages and backgrounds. Then I worked for Therapeutic Health Services in intensive family therapy with at-risk youth.  During the pandemic in 2020, I opened my practice over telehealth. Outside of counseling, I have 14 years of work experience in a variety of other industries, including nanny, boat builder, business owner, project manager, etc. Counseling is my passion and how I want to exist in this world.